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important otp thing to consider: who rocks the ferris wheel seat 

even more important: which one is terrified and crying and clinging to the other to try and get them to stop


Neither of them rock the ferris wheel seat, because Miles hates earthquakes and Phoenix hates heights, so instead they sit there all awkward and tense and hanging on for dear life because WHY WOULD THEY THINK THAT A FERRIS WHEEL WAS A GOOD IDEA


"I want to go on the ferris wheel! Come on the ferris wheel with me!"

"No that is way too high-" "How could one enjoy so much unnecessary rocking-"

*big fake shoujo tears* “Oh that’s alright, it’s not like going on the ferris wheel at fairs was my favorite thing to do with big sister Mia or anything. I shall just have to live a life without the joy of sharing a ferris wheel ride with people I care about.”

*dorks can’t handle young lady crying, agree to go on the ferris wheel with her*

*Miles starts to get on, it immediately starts rocking. Before he can get back out he gets Phoenix SHOVED into him and Maya CLOSES THE GATE ON BOTH OF THEM*

"Whoops, guess there wasn’t enough room in there for three of us! You two will have to go on ahead!"

*cue Miles and Phoenix screaming at Maya as she eats fair food on the ground below and takes pictures of them on her phone*





why are people so afraid to google things? why come to someone’s inbox and ask a researchable question where you may have to wait hours, days, even weeks for a response when you can google it in less than 3 seconds? what are you afraid of? results?

1) Because doing research is a skill, and not everybody has it.  Data mining is difficult.  What seems to you to be a simple, obvious google search is not necessarily that obvious.  How do you know which keywords to use?  How do you know which website that pops up will have the information you’re looking for?

2) Because figuring out what information is reliable and what information isn’t reliable is a god damn crapshoot—again, especially if you’re not highly practiced, but often even if you are.  Maybe you get three or four or ten different answers, possibly mostly in agreement, possibly conflicting.  Who’s trustworthy?  Who’s lying out their asses?  How do you make these disparate pieces of information fit together?

3) Because the sources you find on the internet are very rarely tailored to exactly the question you’re trying to ask.  You may not even know exactly the question you’re trying to ask.  A static internet webpage cannot work with you to figure out what you need to know.

4) Because a great many people learn things better in an interactive context than just from words on a page.  This is why we have teachers in classrooms instead of just babysitters and textbooks.  As a group, we complain about and dislike schools where class involves a teacher acting like a babysitter, and telling the kids to just look things up in their textbook.  Remember?

Addendum, a large number of people on tumblr and on the internet at large may have intellectual disabilities, difficulties with language processing, etc etc, which make 1-4 significantly more difficult.  People without disabilities may also find points 1-4 hard.  Some people with disabilities may find them all easy.  But it is well worth considering that not everybody’s brain works like yours does, and not everybody interfaces with information like you can.

5) Sometimes, because the question has to do with the person we’re asking specifically.  If Amy gets really angry every time the subject of Bob comes up, I am not going to go to Carol to ask what Amy’s deal is.  I am going to say, “Hey Amy, why do you get so angry about Bob?”
Then either Amy well tell me what her deal is herself, or, if we’re on the internet, 30% chance Amy is going to call me a fucking scumsucking idiot and rage about me all in caps with a lot of exclamation points for the rest of the night.

6) Often, because the people being asked these questions set themselves up as experts in the first place.  They blog extensively about a subject, or speak knowledgeably about it.  They write lengthy posts pertaining to their topic.  Maybe they just reference this topic in passing a whole lot.  But very, very often, when a blogger gets asked a question, it’s because that blogger has demonstrated knowledge about the topic at hand.

It is nobody’s responsibility to spend their time writing essays to educate random strangers on the internet.  HOWEVER, it is not that far a leap to think that some people, when puzzled by a confusing question, would rather ask an expert than try to deal with datamining a solution on their own.

Of course, tumblr has developed a culture where it’s even odds that you’ll get a fantastic, well-thought-out, informative answer, or you’ll be publicly shamed and excoriated for daring to ask such a dumb, dumb, stupid question.

And fuck you, you scum-sucking idiot, for adding to it.

Please just marry me already.


An Infinite series sequence shown in an equilateral Triangle.
it can be represented mathematically as:


An Infinite series sequence shown in an equilateral Triangle.

it can be represented mathematically as:

\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{1}{2^n} = \frac{1}{2}+ \frac{1}{4}+ \frac{1}{8}+\cdots.

I'm confused about what Beethoven was doing in the black composers post. He was German.


By golly gee! I keep forgetting that Black people didn’t exist until the Fresh Prince of Bel Air came on television! Or that Black people existed in anywhere else than Africa even with slavery going on :) My apologies.

Anyway, here’s proof that Beethoven was Black:

"… Said directly, Beethoven was a black man. Specifically, his mother was a Moor, that group of Muslim Northern Africans who conquered parts of Europe—making Spain their capital—for some 800 years.

In order to make such a substantial statement, presentation of verifiable evidence is compulsory. Let’s start with what some of Beethoven’s contemporaries and biographers say about his brown complexion:


(Louis Letronne, Beethoven, 1814, pencil drawing.)

"Frederick Hertz, German anthropologist, used these terms to describe him: ‘Negroid traits, dark skin, flat, thick nose.’

Emil Ludwig, in his book ‘Beethoven,’ says: ‘His face reveals no trace of the German. He was so dark that people dubbed him Spagnol [dark-skinned].’

Fanny Giannatasio del Rio, in her book ‘An Unrequited Love: An Episode in the Life of Beethoven,’ wrote ‘His somewhat flat broad nose and rather wide mouth, his small piercing eyes and swarthy [dark] complexion, pockmarked into the bargain, gave him a strong resemblance to a mulatto.’

Beethoven’s death mask: profile and full face

C. Czerny stated, ‘His beard—he had not shaved for several days—made the lower part of his already brown face still darker.’

Following are one word descriptions of Beethoven from various writers: Grillparzer, ‘dark’; Bettina von Armin, ‘brown’; Schindler, ‘red and brown’; Rellstab, ‘brownish’; Gelinek, ‘short, dark.’

In Alexander Thayer’s Life of Beethoven, vol.1, p. 134,  the author states, “there is none of that obscurity which exalts one to write history as he would have it and not as it really was. The facts are too patent.” On this same page, he states that the German composer Franz Josef Haydn was referred to as a “Moor” by Prince Esterhazy, and Beethoven had “even more of the Moor in his looks.’ On p. 72, a Beethoven contemporary, Gottfried Fischer, describes him as round-nosed and of dark complexion. Also, he was called ‘der Spagnol’ (the Spaniard).

Other “patent” sources, of which there are many, include, but are not limited to, Beethoven by Maynard Solomon, p.78. He is described as having “thick, bristly coal-black hair” (in today’s parlance, we proudly call it ‘kinky’) and a ‘ruddy-complexioned face.’ In   Beethoven:  His Life and Times by Artes Orga, p.72, Beethoven’s pupil, Carl Czerny of the ‘School of Velocity’ fame, recalls that Beethoven’s ‘coal-black hair, cut a la Titus, stood up around his head [sounds almost like an Afro].  His black beard…darkened the lower part of his dark-complexioned face.’


Engraving by Blasius Hofel, Beethoven, 1814, color facsimile of engraving after a pencil drawing by Louis Letronne. This engraving was regarded in Beethoven’s circle as particularly lifelike. Beethoven himself thought highly of it, and gave several copies to his friends.

Beethoven, the Black Spaniard

(read more here)
Why do white people own so many pets?
Because we’re not allowed to own people anymore.
What is the scariest thing about a white person in prison?
You know he did it.
how many Chicago cops does it take to change a light bulb? None, they just beat the room for being black.”
A good looking 50 year old white man is trying to get laid on reality TV. What show are you watching?
To catch a predator.
Why do white girls travel in groups of three or five?
They can’t even
What do you call 64 white people in a room? A full blooded Cherokee.

from various reddit threads

at dinner last night, a coworker was talking about hanging out with his white friends and getting fed up with the racist jokes, and asked them to tell a white people joke.  nobody had any, so he googled and found these. after a few of them, people were a lot less comfortable.

white folks, next time you hear a racist joke, maybe lead with one of these in response.  tag this “I’m white” when you reblog it, if you are.

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US debate over gun control is such a farce 

conservatives want white people to have guns to patrol the streets for unarmed black teenagers

liberals want guns to stay safely in the hands of cops and soldiers =)






can a ghost and a zombie come from the same person

Is this a comic? This should be a comic.

"no stupid, oh my god. no just… just turn… fuck. don’t wander over there, you’re gonna fall down the… aaand there he goes………….. moron.”















what if every single spider in the world was just replaced by a cat
i think that’s a world I would love to live in

but imagine finding a cat in your bath
just a wild cat in the bath




what if every single spider in the world was just replaced by a cat

i think that’s a world I would love to live in

but imagine finding a cat in your bath

just a wild cat in the bath



I think one of the narratives that fucked me up the most is the heart-eyes, instantaneous, smacks-you-upside-the-head, “I was never sexually attracted to/interested in sex with anyone until the moment I met you” trope.

It’s a device used to underscore the inevitability or necessity of sexuality in close relationships, it outright erases asexual and nonsexual people and it invalidates any meaningful friendships/romances they might have.

The idea that truly loving someone means becoming interested in them sexually is toxic and destructive. It leads to a constant barrage of “maybe you haven’t met The Right Person yet!” and a deeply-embedded fear that if someone doesn’t adhere to a standard sexual relationship model, they are inherently not good enough for their partners/friends, they are broken, and they will spend their lives alone because that magic switch didn’t suddenly flip to “sexual with sex drive!” upon meeting a significant person.

This also brainwashes sexuals into expecting asexual/nonsexual people to automatically change if they express interest or love for someone else. It can make those friends or partners wonder why they have failed to inspire sexual desire/attraction in the other person, when everything else seems to mesh well. It can lead to accusations: You must not really love me, then! I’m not good enough for you! 

It is harmful to people on all sides of this equation. Do not accept this shitty, lazy trope… and for god’s sake, don’t write with it.






Here are some basics on herd immunity, and here is some more technical research if you’re interested in the details! 

If you’ve ever heard my rants about vaccination, you know it’s a major topic with me. Because hey, I’m one of these immunosuppressed people this comic talks about, so it’s a bit of a sensitive subject. (“Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t like getting vaccinated? I don’t like having three month long respiratory infections because you gave me the freaking flu, but I guess you don’t care about that”)

Essentially, Ellen and her wonderful character Katherine have just said it better than I ever could—and using Shaun of the Dead references, too!!! It’s all about herd immunity—getting vaccinated isn’t just about your own health, it’s about the health—and non-zombification—of the entire human race.


This is a pretty groovy depiction of vaccination and herd immunity.
I hope this goes viral. No pun intended…

Reblogging for that pun

Herd immunity !