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Is there a way to tell if a word is fem. or masc?





ngl the mild outrage over Caliborn making yaois I’m seeing on my dash feels a little strange to me considering none of it thusfar has been from people who actually write m/m that I know of. I keep my dash pretty slim though (95 blogs and I still have to go 20 pages back every day to catch up) so who knows what I’m missing.

The joke isn’t that Caliborn writes yaois, gosh! The joke is that Caliborn is a BAD WOMAN-HATING FAN, who will do anything and everything possible to cut half of the entire cast out of the picture. :|

He’s not intended to lampoon All Fans…he’s lampooning, along various axes, the specific sort of fan who feels the need to either include girl characters as shrill cardboard cutouts, if they include them at all, or solely as “impediments” when some male characters need some character development or something to overcome in getting together. (Since he’s Caliborn, he does this by killing them outright, but the dismissive, contemptuous spirit is the same.) It’s not that he’s coming up with m/m, and that’s funny, full stop, it’s that he’s bringing all his weird baggage to the table with it!

He’s picked up “the yaois” the same way he’s picked up all his nasty PUA/MRA terminology, which we get a glimpse of at the end of things. He’s engaging in fannish pursuits, but in the spirit of destroying all the girls he resents and elevating the guys he’s attracted to AT THEIR EXPENSE.

That’s what’s funny! That he’s come to this neat, creative endeavor, and entirely poisoned it with how terrible he is. Just like all the rest of his adventures! Everything he does, however familiar or cherished or relatable as a pursuit, HE’S CALIBORN, and will ruin it in his specific, terrible way, that writes himself and his issues in massive print over whatever he comes up with.

I think people’s complains about him being that kind of terrible fan is that that kind of terrible fan is still by and large female (as far as we know I guess) so it feels like a jab at them and they get enough jabs as it is (although the criticism tends to come from other not-dude fic writers…), but like… that Caliborn is doing that and basically being a total brony about it is to me a yes, of course. Of course he would. Of course that kind of misogynistic dude fan would do this if he wrote yaoi.

The thing is, I find this incredibly hilarious and also appropriate, because this started with Calliope’s interests. Caliborn hates his sister’s interests, her friendships, and her talent, and he’s more or less hijacking everything she has done and loved to twist it to make fun of her, her interests, and go with a SUPER MANLY PROPER WAY of doing what he likes. He’s basically like… a brony with a strong personal grudge with his sister MLP fan who wants her to show how to Do Things His Way The Right Way and treats her and her interests dismissively. It’s actually pretty ironic, and I think that just adds to the hilarity?


It’s been small, but Utena has been the catalyst for change in each of the council too. Her presence has influenced events that have led to growth on each of their parts.

Miki has been able to begin to overcome his idealization issues, choosing to become a figure of respect, a teacher and Juri has been able to face herself with more confidence as the fencing captain, and face opponents such as Shiori with no hesitation. In fact, both able to face being with Kozue and Shiori and not hesitate in the path that they have chosen. Both Kozue and Shiroi have also begun to come to terms with their feelings towards themselves and Miki and Juri respectfully, and face them too.

Saionji has taken the steps to becoming self-sufficient in his own way, rather than stewing in jealousy, he buckles down and works on his strengths in a measured way, Touga losing the need to goad his friend on and manipulate him for his own needs. Nanami, meanwhile, has gained the strength to look away from her brother, to moderate and even ignore when needed, the things she has felt for him.



I want to write an alternative version of Romeo and Juliet where instead of being a little ponce and trying to work things out for himself, Romeo asks his smarter friends what to do about the whole thing and Benvolio and Mercutio come up with the world’s greatest plan:

Marriage of convenience between Juliet and Mercutio.

Think about it.

Juliet’s parents want her to marry into the Prince’s family. Mercutio is a good compromise between no marriage and Paris.

Mercutio probably won’t get his inheritance if he keeps being HELLA FUCKING GAY ALL OVER THE PLACE so a beard is only a benefit to him.

They would probably get along great rolling their eyes at how adorably stupid Romeo is.

Romeo and Benvolio could get a “bachelor pad” right next to Juliet and Mercutio’s house. Every night, Romeo and Mercutio high five as they hop the fence to go bang their one true love.

The second half of the play is just all of them trying to keep up the charade and being “THIS CLOSE” to getting caught all the time. But everything ends nicely because true love conquers all.

Everybody wins. Nobody dies.

This has probably been said on this post before but it makes a reasonable amount of literary sense as well.

A lot of Shakespeare’s works, comedy in particular but also relatively serious plays like The Merchant Of Venice, were based in the tropes of Italian commedia, which is eventually where we get French sex farces from as well. 

Add in a servant who facilitates the nightly transfer and wants to get laid with one of the housemaids, some jokes between characters about people thinking Romeo and Benvolio are fucking all night long, Romeo in drag once or twice, and either a lecherous elderly neighbor or Juliet’s father always hanging around, and you’ve basically got the plot of a commedia performance. Especially funny at the time would have been dressing Romeo in drag (say, to pretend to be her lady in waiting when her dad almost catches him in some other man’s marital bed in the middle of the day) while Juliet was already being played by a boy actor in drag, and having Romeo pull it off so well that he gets mistaken for her. 

But yeah, R&J as a door-slammin’ sex comedy, I’d watch it. 

Commedia! *jazz hands*






That sounds cool. BUT HOW DOES IT WORK?

(Helicarrier Hulk wakes up, no control, attacks everyone. New York Hulk is good guy buddy only hurt bad guy. Wait! OK! Loki was harshing the vibe on the helicarrier. No, wait further, Loki was just as there in New York. In fact, quite close to Mr. Grabby Hulk.)

I am continually drawn to this dumb film by the interaction between Downey and Ruffalo. I am continually put off by this dumb film by how dumb it is.

Wow, look at this! It’s 2014, and people are still saying things like this! Amazing!!! :D Here, let me explain to you why, and how:

First of all, why do people keep forgetting that The Incredible Hulk happened?? In that film it was shown that Bruce can actually control the Hulk when he deliberately hulks out.

Please notice that Bruce hulked out on the helicarrier because something blew up and he was thrown so hard he fell one floor down through the window. It was obvious that Bruce was hurt and in danger.

Hulk exists to protect Bruce, Bruce was in danger, you do the math.

Not to mention that Bruce was understandably angry at Natasha and Fury because he felt like they’d lied to him. (Therefore, causing Hulk to went after Natasha).

Manhattan Hulk showed up because Bruce ‘asked’ him to. Because he fucking did it on purpose. The Hulk is the physical manifestation of Bruce’s emotions — all his anger, frustration, empathy, sadness, disappointment, sympathy, love, hate, everything. That’s why Hulk knew which are the bad ones and which are the good ones, that’s why he saved Tony from falling off the sky, that’s why he listened to Steve’s orders. Hulk isn’t just some mindless beast who has no feelings whatsoever. He recognised and saved Betty in the midst of his rampage in TIH, looked hesitant when he saw the fear in Natasha’s eyes (it was brief but it was there), punched Thor as a payback, etc. Hulk is not that simple.

Bottom line is, that Bruce can control the Hulk to some degree when he has the option or actually gets to choose, and that’s not what happened on the helicarrier.

So, yea, that’s how.

In this post the uneducated are taught that The Hulk isn’t a mindless monster born simply out of rage.

Anybody gonna mention that our lowdown was given to us DIRECTLY FROM MR. BRUCE HIMSELF?!

Took me until that last comment to realize it is actually Mark Ruffalo, the actor who planed Bruce Banner, who left that incredibly informative comment. Much respect, sir!


i want the “steve rogers is bi” movement to become so strong that people who arent in on it begin to question it. they’ll be like “he isn’t canonically bi… is he?” but they’ll never find a real answer bc so many people will be like “no. he is. he definitely is” and everyone will be confused and then his bisexuality will get written into movies

Subtractive masculinity is why the prospect of women being associated with video games gets such an out-of-control, violent reaction. I think a lot of the males (boys or men) who play these games are getting their sense of masculinity from them, their reassurance that they are Real Men Who Do Manly Things. But because our culture’s construction of masculinity is subtractive, when girls or women are publicly seen to do something, that thing becomes unmasculine.

In practice, what this means is a guy can get mocked for it by other guys, told that he is “girly” (and that’s the least offensive term that might be used). The only way a guy can protect himself from that kind of teasing (which can escalate all the way from little comments to harassment to actual murder, depending) is to do something girls don’t do. And that means either picking something with physical demands few women can meet, or something that girls don’t happen to do — and then keeping them from doing it by any means necessary.

And the reason it’s worth that kind of effort is that, in our society, men are the default value of “people”: only (white, straight) men automatically have the status of “full human being”. In other words, if you’re not masculine, you’re not *really* a person. That’s why guys who feel their masculinity threatened can go into a violent, toxic meltdown — because loss of personhood feels like an actual, life-or-death existential threat.


運命の夜へ by 紺まなつ
Servants and Master in Fate/Stay Night


There’s thousands of notes on posts about how unfair it is that there isn’t a wonder woman movie and now that its been officially announced nobody is talking about it?

Like Can I get at least a hell yeah?